Take Action! Program Overview

The Take Action! Program Overview is a summary of the 10-week
Take Action! worksite employee wellness program that gives you a quick synopsis of the four activity phases for implementing the program. It describes the program and briefly outlines a step-by-step process covering all primary Take Action! activities.

Program Activity Implementation Phases

Phase 1: Planning (6 weeks)

  • Obtain Company Support
  • Choose a Program Coordinator and Planning Committee
  • Conduct the Check for Health Workplace Environmental Assessment
  • Get Started

Phase 2: Program Promotion (4 weeks)

  • Distribute Promotional Materials
  • Team Captains Hold First Team Meetings with Participants
  • Hold Kick Off Event

Phase 3: Implement Activities (10 weeks)

  • Perform Fruit and Vegetable Program Activities
  • Perform Physical Activity Program Activities

Phase 4: Evaluation and Celebration (2 weeks)

  • Collect All Forms from Team Captains
  • Hold Closing Celebration
  • Think About What's Next

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