Take Action! Program Overview

Review this concise summary of the Take Action! worksite employee wellness program.

Take Action! Program Planning Calendars

Utilize the Program Planning Calendars with your Planning Committee or Wellness Team Members as tools to develop a comprehensive plan for all program activities. Or use them to inform Senior Management about Take Action! activities.

Who Else is Taking Action?

Find out who else is taking action. Here is a listing of California worksites currently engaged in Take Action! and other California Fit Business Kit worksite wellness tools.

The California Fit Business Kit

Does your business have vending machines, stairwells, a walking area, a cafeteria, an employee break room, or staff meetings? If so, you need to check out all the California Fit Business Kit tools that can help you add to your worksite wellness program.


"I am encouraged with the results and feedback so far... it has success written all over it!"

Health Promotion Coordinator,
Sierra Pacific Industries
Oroville, CA