Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator (one volunteer employee) is responsible for the overall management of Take Action!. In a large company, it may be necessary to recruit additional Program Coordinators to share some of the program management responsibilities.

A Good Program Coordinator Will be Able to:

  • Emphasize to participants that making changes for a healthy lifestyle is easier for people when they enjoy the process. Be creative! Adapt the program to fit your organization's culture and, most importantly, make it fun!
  • Spread the word and get employees excited about the program. Use all of your employer's available assets (time, staff, space, and budget) to appropriately and effectively encourage participants.
  • Involve employees in leadership roles to generate enthusiasm for the program throughout the organization and to tap into the creativity and talent of many employees.
  • Establish a Planning Committee to assist in the smooth implementation of the program.
  • Recruit and train effective Team Captains to champion Take Action! and support participants on a daily basis.
  • Ensure that every person in the organization has the opportunity to participate in a team.
  • Utilize incentives - events and prizes - to generate enthusiasm and reward progress. A Kick Off event and Closing Celebration will bring employees together, underscoring the camaraderie generated by Take Action!. Prizes, strategically awarded over the program's 10 weeks, will recognize participant achievements.
  • Collect information in an accurate and timely fashion. Team Captains will track participant progress and goal achievement, and report data to the Program Coordinator at the 5-week mid-point and 10-week end-point. The coordinator will compile the data for participants and management.
  • Communicate regularly with management, providing updated information about program planning, recruitment, special events, employee participation, and accomplished goals.

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Helpful Hints

Successful Program Coordinator's have come from a variety of positions: Human Resource Assistants, Wellness Nurses, Assistant Managers, and Safety Team Managers or Assistants.