Recruiting Staff Volunteers

Recruiting staff volunteers is a critical element for building a sustainable worksite employee wellness program. Take Action! requires three different types of employee volunteers:

1. Program Coordinator

Program Coodinator


The Program Coordinator is responsible for the overall management of Take Action!. In a large company, it may be necessary to recruit additional Program Coordinators to share some of the program management responsibilities.

2. Planning Committee

Program Coodinator


The role of the Planning Committee is to assist the Program Coordinator with the planning, implementation, and evaluation components of
Take Action!
. Be sure to include a variety of people on the committee, from Senior and Mid-level Management, to Human Resources, to IT/Computer Support, to Administrative staff.

3. Team Captains

Program Coodinator


The Team Captains are one of the most important parts of Take Action!. They provide motivation, information, and support to the program participants. They have a major impact on whether or not the participants have a positive experience with Take Action!. Team Captains are the point of contact between the program participants and the Planning Committee.




"At our HR Staff meeting we were saying that we thought all this wellness stuff would be really hard to sell to our employees, but it has been the opposite!"

HR Generalist/Program Coordinator,
PTI Technologies,
Oxnard, CA

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Helpful Hints

Look for established committees like health/safety. See if they have enthusiastic employees interested in developing nutrition and physical activity programs for employees. Use e-mail, flyers, and paycheck stuffers to solicit a Planning Committee and Team Captains.