Program Coordinators and Planning Committee | Recruiting Staff Volunteers
Planning Committee
The role of the Planning Committee (2 to 10 volunteer employees depending on the size of a business) is to assist the Program Coordinator with the planning, implementation, and evaluation components of Take Action!. Be sure to include a variety of people on the committee, from Senior and Mid-level Management, to Human Resources, to IT/Computer Support, to Administrative staff. It is advisable to have a few of the Team Captains on the Planning Committee as well.

First Planning Committee Meeting Sample Agenda​
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​When meeting with your Planning Committee for the first time, be sure to provide a detailed overview of Take Action!, outline the responsibilities of the committee, provide anticipated time commitments, form work groups, and start planning your Kick Off event!
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If possible, during your first Planning Committee Meeting, have at least two people in each workgroup to ensure that the workload is spread evenly. Also, make sure you have clear, concrete expectations and deadlines for each of your workgroups so that the tasks get done in a timely manner.​