​Educational Materials and Activities
​Educational Materials

Health education is an important part of Take Action!. In order to empower employees to make healthy choices, it is necssary to provide accurate information about nutrition and physical activity. In combination with Take Action!, a simple informational workshop or list of healthy quick tips posted around the office can help to positively impact the lives of employees.
Making Healthy Choices​

Making Healthy Choices

​​​Use these tools to help set personal goals and find easy ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables or physical activity into your work time and at home. ​
Fruit and Vegetable
Making Healthy Choices

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Physical Activity
Making Healthy Choices

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Controlling Type 2 Diabetes​

Type 2 Diabetes
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Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes and is caused by having too much sugar in your blood.​​

Preventing High Blood Pressure​​

High Blood 

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​Blood pressure is the amount of resistance it takes for your heart to pump blood through your arteries. The more blood your heart pumps and the narrower your arteries, the higher your blood pressure.

Managing High Cholesterol​

High Cholesterol
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​Cholesterol is a soft, waxy substance found in the bloodstream and in all your body's cells. It's an important part of a healthy body because it's used to form cell membranes, some hormones, and is needed for other functions. But having too much cholesterol in the blood is a major risk factor for heart disease.

Feeling a Little Irregular?

Feeling a Little Irregular?
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​Constipation can result from many things including a low-fiber diet, medications, and a sedentary lifestyle. If you are constipated, try eating high-fiber foods that can stimulate your bowels to move. In addition, drink plenty of fluids all during the day, eat at regular times, and increase your physical activity.