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Team Captains
The Team Captains (one to two volunteer employees per team) are one of the most important parts of Take Action!. They provide motivation, information, and support to the program participants. They have a major impact on whether or not the participants have a positive experience with Take Action!. Team Captains are the point of contact between the program participants and the Planning Committee.

It is important that Team Captains are creative, enthusiastic, and committed to the program. The Team Captains do not have to be the most active and healthy staff members; it is more important that they have the skills to coach their team members to success.

A Good Team Captain Will Have the Following Characteristics:
  • Commitment to and enthusiasm for Take Action!
  • Leadership skills
  • A person the staff can turn to for advice
  • Creative thinking
  • Motivational skills
  • Organizational skills
Take Action! has been set up as a train-the-trainer type program, whereby the implementation of the program is most effective when the Team Captains are well versed on the importance of healthy choices, goal setting, motivational techniques, and team building. Finding Team Captains who are confident in their ability to lead their teams to success will be the best fit for your program.​​

Responsibilities of Team Captains
  • Attend events
  • Promote participation
  • Recruit and motivate participants
  • Collect forms and data
  • Distribute prizes
  • Have FUN!
When meeting with your Team Captains for the first time, be sure to provide a detailed overview of Take Action!, outline the responsibilities of the Team Captains, anticipated time commitment, and provide them with their Team Captain packets. Visit the Team Captain​ section of this Web site to get all the materials needed to make your Team Captain packets.

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If you are working with a group of Team Captains that are not confident readers, provide this information to them verbally.
You may want to use thePresentation Tips you used for Soliciting Management Support at your first planning meeting with the Team Captains.​​