​​​​​​Program Coordinators and Planning Committee
Closing Celebration

The purpose of celebrating the close of Take Action! is to reward everyone who participated, recognize the Team Captains, and encourage people to continue their healthy eating and physical activity practices.
Closing Celebration Suggestions

  • ​Picnic
  • Group walk
  • Potluck/salad bar lunch​

Other Ideas to Get People Excited

  • Incentives: healthy snacks, gift cards, Frisbees™, jump ropes, cookbooks, recipe cards, etc.
  • Team Spirit: team t-shirts, team cheer, etc.
  • Create a festive atmosphere: balloons, banners, music, etc.​


  1. ​​Start planning for the Closing Celebration once Take Action! begins.
  2. Select a date and time for your Closing Celebration. Remember to choose a date immediately after the 10-week program is completed, and pick a time that is convenient for a majority of employees.
  3. Consider serving healthy refreshments. Providing healthy food and beverage choices will make the event more festive and meaningful. For healthy snack ideas, see Healthy Meeting Policies.
  4. Promote the event!

During the Event

  1. ​Congratulate all participants.
  2. Highlight the achievements of select participants.
  3. Recognize the hard work of Team Captains, Planning Committee, and Management.
  4. Reward participants for their hard work (Raffle prizes, awards, etc.).
  5. To create healthier food and physical activity opportunities at work, commit to a second round of Take Action! and implement another one of the California Fit Business Kit Tools.
After the Event​

  1. Make sure that Team Captains turn in all of the Participant and Team Captain Evaluation Forms they have collected from participants throughout the program (Registration, Mid-Point, and Evaluation).
  2. Team Captains should also turn in the Weekly Team Tracking Sheets​.​
"Participating employees claimed Take Action! has been hugely successful and fun. The team building was great and baseline of employee activity continues to build up."
Take Action! Program Coordinator,
Community Health Clinic,
Eureka, CA​​​

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