Program Coordinators and Planning Committee

Soliciting Management Support

Senior Management support of and participation in Take Action! are two essential pillars of success in building a sustainable worksite employee wellness program. Management support and participation sends a positive message to employees that their health is a top priority and critical to the success of the company. In turn, employees will be empowered to create a worksite environment where healthy eating and physical activity are part of their daily routine.

Talking Points

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​It is important that Senior Management understands that Take Action! and employee wellness not only improves productivity, employee morale, and job satisfaction but also reduces absenteeism and health care costs. As you touch on each of these points, Management will begin to see that employee wellness is something they simply cannot do without.
Presentation Tips 
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​Whether you are a Line Worker, an Administration Staff, a Human Resources Manager, a Health and Safety Coordinator, or anyone in between, you can approach your Senior Management about the benefits of implementing a worksite employee wellness program in the company. Below you will find a sample letter to management that can be used for the initial contact with management about implementing Take Action!. Use these Presentation Tips which will help you make your case to Senior Management.
Sample Letter to Management
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Your four objectives when soliciting management support:

  1. Educate management on the goals of
    Take Action! and the broader California Fit Business Kit.
  2. Request that the California Fit Business Kit be established in your company.
  3. Request that a Worksite Wellness Committee is established to assist with the planning and implementation of worksite wellness activities.
  4. Request that Senior Management participates in wellness-related activities to show leadership and commitment to improving employee health.
Sample Letter of Support from Senior Management to Employees
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​Communication from Senior Management to employees before Take Action! begins can raise awareness of the program and encourage people to participate. The following is a sample letter from management encouraging employees to participate in Take Action!.
Follow-Up with Management
​Keep management up-to-date on program activities and be sure to invite them to participate in as many events as possible. Make sure Senior Management is aware of:
  • Important dates, such as the Kick Off event and the Closing Celebration
  • The number of participants in the program
  • The number of people achieving their goals
  • Stories of individual successes, teamwork, morale boosting, and other anecdotal information that illustrates the benefits of the program
Management Support Materials
Complete Program
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​When you hold your Kick Off event, a brief statement by someone in management will empower employees and affirm management's support of Take Action!.​