​​​Program Coordinators and Planning Committee
Utilizing health-related incentives, such as prizes or events, can provide additional motivation to help everyone succeed!

Incentives are very effective for motivating participants to reach their personal goals and to reinforce positive behavior change. One highly effective use of incentives is to reward participants on a weekly basis to encourage continued participation and friendly competition.

Discuss options for incentives with Team Captains and Planning Committee members. Depending on the support from management, you can utilize a variety of incentives - from team breakfasts or lunches to recognition in the company newsletter to donated gift cards. With creative thinking, the possibilities are endless - even on a tight budget.

Here are some ideas: PrizesEvents, and Donated Gifts
Prizes may be obtained from a variety of sources, including those items that are purchased, supplied by the employer, or donated by local business vendors and merchants.​


  • Drinks: water bottles, bottled water, 100% fruit juice, etc.
  • Clothing: hats, t-shirts, sweat bands, etc.
  • Sports equipment: pedometers, jump ropes, exercise balls, yoga or exercise DVDs, etc.
  • Fruit or other healthy snacks: small snack bags of fruits or vegetables (baby carrots, dried fruit, etc.)
  • Logo items: coffee mugs or pens
  • Discounts for healthy food items in the cafeteria, coffee carts, or other local food service vendors
  • Raffle tickets, certificates, or recognition in the employee newsletter or on a bulletin board
  • Gym membership discount or 1-month free pass
  • Day off sponsored by management
  • Cookbooks or recipe cards from the Network for a Healthy California


  • Team breakfast or lunch: enjoy a healthy meal as a team at a local restaurant.
  • Salad bar potlucks: everyone contributes a salad item, lettuce, lowfat/nonfat dressing, tomato, etc. to create a healthy salad bar lunch.
  • Healthy recipe potlucks: participants prepare their favorite healthy recipe to share during a potluck lunch.
  • Group walks: enjoy the company of colleagues with a group walk to a nearby park, farmers' market, or just around the block.
Donated Gifts​

Sample Donation Letter 
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​Do not hesitate to contact local businesses to ask for donations. Local merchants with a philosophy of health, and a product base that aligns with the goals of Take Action! can be solicited for donations such as gift certificates, discount coupons, and merchandise. Be sure that sponsors are frequently and appreciatively acknowledged and are sent a thank you letter. Begin seeking prizes early in the planning process.​

Incentive Materials
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Raffles are a great way to ensure participation. Give participants a raffle ticket every week they turn in their consumption or activity numbers for a chance to win either a weekly prize or a larger prize at the end of the program.​