Program Coordinators and Planning Committee
Kick Off Event

The Kick Off event motivates and encourages people to participate in Take Action!. The Kick Off can take a variety of forms like a picnic, brown-bag lunch, or a simple presentation. It should be a fun and interactive event that highlights your organization's support of Take Action!. Typically, the Kick Off event begins with a presentation which explains Take Action! to employees and an affirmation of support from someone in Management or the Wellness Coordinator at the worksite. Fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods are usually served.​

Kick Off Event Activity Suggestions​

  • Health Fair
  • Banana or apple toss
  • Stretching exercises
  • Strawberry and spo​on relay
  • Watermelon eating contest
  • Music and dancing

Other Ideas to Get People Excited​

  • Incentives - healthy snacks, gift cards, Frisbees™, jump ropes, etc.
  • Team Spirit - team t-shirts, team cheer, etc.
  • Create a festive atmosphere - balloons, banners, music, etc.

  1. ​​Select a date and time for your Kick Off event. Remember that the Kick Off event should be before the start of Take Action!, but not so far in advance that the excitement from the event is lost. Is there a national or company event coming up like an all-company meeting or picnic, or National Employee Health and Fitness Day? If so, piggy-back on another event to build attendance and greater recognition. For a list of national events, visit the National Association for Health and Fitness​ Web site.
  2. Team Captains should be present at the event, though they do not necessarily have to make presentations. They should, however, be recognized by the Program Coordinator.
  3. Prepare an agenda for the presentation section of the event.
  4. Consider serving healthy refreshments. Providing healthy food and beverage choices will make the event more festive and meaningful. For healthy snack ideas see Healthy Meeting Policies.
  5. Prepare handouts for participants.
  6. Promote the event!

During the Event

  1. ​​Give a brief overview of Take Action! (Take Action! Program Overview, events that are planned, and introduce Team Captains.
  2. Make sure that Team Captains are available to register employees that have decided to join their team, and to help team members set their goals.
  3. Have all registration forms and support materials available.
  4. Above all else, have fun!

After the Event​

  1. ​​Make sure that Team Captains record the goals for each team member on the Weekly Team Tracking Sheets​.
  2. After they have recorded the goals, all registration forms should be returned to the Program Coordinator.

Have employees choose a theme and provide input on activities. Or plan the event around an employee health fair that incorporates fruit and vegetable samplings and physical activity. Solicit management and local business vendors to supply incentives for the event which reinforce healthy behavior.​