​​​​Educational Materials and Activities
Group Activities and Workshops

Group activities are a fun way to motivate your participant, while encouraging them to eat healthy and be physically active.

Take Action! is a unique lifestyle intervention program. Not only does it create opportunities for improving access to physical activity and healthier foods in the worksite, it also provides onsite health and nutrition education opportunities. A large portion of the chronic disease crisis is driven by poor nutrition and a lack of regular physical activity. Offering workshops and activities that connect employees with health professionals at work is another added benefit of the program.

​Activity Ideas:​

  • Healthy cooking demonstrations
  • Camping/hiking trip
  • Power walking​
  • Yoga
  • Dancing - line dancing, salsa, disco
  • Martial arts
  • Tai Chi​
  • Cholesterol/blood pressure screening
  • Juggling

​Workshop Ideas:

  • Reading nutrition labels
  • Shopping tips
  • Healthy dining
  • Disease prevention and early detection

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Activities and workshops are for employees, so make sure to include them in the planning process. Survey employees to find out what types of health related topics they would like to learn more about. Not only will this ensure higher attendance at the events and workshops, but it will show employees that their opinions are valued within the organization.

  2. Your employees may be at increased risk for certain types of health concerns. Check with your HR department to see if there is aggregate employee health risk data on file that could help to guide your topics.

  3. Look for experts within your organization. There may be people at your company who already have a special talent or skill and would be willing to share it with their coworkers.

  4. Don't forget to contact local experts when scheduling presentations, workshops, or other activities.

  5. When selecting a speaker, be sure to check their credentials and/or qualifications. Instructors may be willing to do a presentation for free if given the opportunity to promote their organization.

  6. Schedule the event for a time that is convenient for a majority of employees.

  7. Promote the activity or workshop!

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