Team Captains

Team Captains have one of the most important roles in Take Action!Thank you for choosing to be a leader!

Review this concise summary of the Take Action! worksite employee wellness program.

Utilize the Program Planning Calendars with your Planning Committee or Wellness Team Members as a tool to develop a comprehensive plan for all program activities. Or use them to inform Senior Management about Take Action! activities.

As a Team Captain, you will be responsible for leading your team members to success! A great Team Captain is a Champion for Change who can motivate their team to make healthy choices and meet their goals.

Throughout the program, you and your team members will be asked to fill out three forms-Registration, Mid-Point Goal Re-Evaluation, and a Participant Evaluation. Your team members will turn their forms in to you.

These tracking sheets will help you keep track of your team members' progress. Don't forget to track your own progress as well!​

"The most important part ofTake Action! was that it promoted an awareness and engagement of consuming fruits and vegetables and getting more physical activity as a means to healthier lifestyles."
Worksite Coordinator/Team Captain,
Health Services Program Integrity, 
San Bernadino County, CA​

Complete Program
  • All Worksite Materials(ZIP 23MB)
Adobe PDF Reader
  • ​Get Acrobat Reader​

When you hold your first team meeting, make sure you have enough copies of the registration forms and informational materials for each of your team members.​