​Team Ca​​ptains​​​​Forms​​​​​​Participant Forms​​​​These forms need to be filled out by your team members in order to participate in Take Action!. Participants should fill out either the fruit and vegetable or physical activity forms below for the Take Action! module your company is participating in, keep a copy for themselves, and turn in the original to you. You will then turn in a copy of each of the forms to the Program Coordinator when requested.​Registration Forms​ ​​Fruit and Vegetable Registration Form(PDF 164KB)​Physical Activity Registration Form(PDF 166B)​​Mid-Point Goal Re-Evaluation Forms​Fruit and Vegetable Mid-Point Goal Re-Evaluation Form (PDF 110KB)​Physical Activity Mid-Point Goal Re-Evaluation Form​(PDF 105KB)​​​​Participant Evaluation Forms​​Fruit and Vegetable Participant Evaluation Form (PDF 100KB)​​Physical Activity Participant Evaluation Form​(PDF 101KB)​​Team Captain Form​ ​​​​Team Captain Evaluation Form​ (PDF 103KB)​​To participate in Take Action! you, the Team Captain, should fill out the same Registration and Mid-Point Goal Re-Evaluation Forms as your team members. Your final evaluation form however, is slightly different from the participants' form.
​​Fruit and Vegetable Registration Form (PDF 164KB)Physical Activity Registration Form (PDF 166B)Fruit and Vegetable Mid-Point Goal Re-Evaluation Form​ (PDF 110KB)Physical Activity Mid-Point Goal Re-Evaluation Form (PDF 105KB)Fruit and Vegetable Participant Evaluation Form (PDF 100KB)Physical Activity Participant Evaluation Form (PDF 101KB)Team Captain Evaluation Form (PDF 103KB)Complete ProgramAll Worksite Materials (ZIP 23MB)Adobe PDF ReaderGet Acrob​at Reader​​