​​Program Coordinators and Planning Committee
​Evaluating the Success of Take Action!

How will you know if people reach their goals, if they enjoyed the program, and if they experienced any benefits? The answer is evaluation! Evaluation is the final, and often overlooked phase of Take Action!. The only way you can show improvements from year-to-year is to evaluate the program. Don't skimp on this part of the program, it really is very important.

Evaluation Allows You to:
  • Collect information about the participants to tailor the program to fit their needs
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of the program
  • Show employee satisfaction with the program
  • Build a case for funding and support
  • Identify areas that need improvement
Data Collection:

The Planning Committee should decide early on how it will collect data from the participants. For many companies, it works best to have the Team Captains collect forms from their team members and then submit them to the Planning Committee members in charge of evaluation.
"I realize that our numbers were a bit lower than expected, however we were successful in changing the lifestyle habits of 25 people which is the purpose of this program."
Human Resources Assistant/Program Coordinator,
Riverside Transit Authority,
Riverside, CA​

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If employees at your worksite have regular access to computers, it is highly recommended that you use electronic versions of the forms and materials. This will allow participants to submit their forms electronically and will cut down on the amount of time that the Team Captains and the Program Coordinator have to shuffle through paperwork.​