​​​​​​Team Captain​What Does it Mean to be a Good Team Captain?Team Captains have one of the most important roles in Take Action!Thank you for making the choice to be a leader.Role of the Team Captain:Be a Champion for Change!Lead your team to success by leading by example.Listen to your team members and empower them to make changes in a way that is best for them.Responsibilities of the Team Captain:​Recruit team members.Explain Take Action! to team members and answer any questions.Help team members fill out their registration form and set their individual goals.Lead weekly team meetings and provide suggestions for helping team members reach their goal.Collect tracking cards from team members and record their progress on the Weekly Tracking Sheet​.Participate in the Kick Off event and Closing Celebration.Communicate regularly with the Program Coordinator.Help participants fill out the evaluation form.Collect evaluation forms and turn them in to the Program Coordinator.​​​​​​Your First Team Meeting​​​Click on the links below to access the specific Team Meeting Sample Agendas.​​​Fruit and Vegetable First Team Meeting Sample Agenda (PDF 818KB)​Physical Activity First Team Meeting Sample Agenda (PDF 816KB)​Weekly Team Huddles & Bright Ideas​

​​​Click on the links below to access the specific Weekly Team Huddles & Bright Ideas.​​

Physical Activity
Weekly Team
Huddles & Bright Ideas
 (PDF 184KB)​

Tips for Being a Successful Team Captain​

MOTIVATOR Team members will be working hard to make changes to their lifestyle and will at times be discouraged.​ It is your role to make sure they don't lose sight of their ultimate goal and remind them of the important reasons why they are making these changes.​
LEADER Change is hard, but working together as a team can make change easier. Help your team to come together for a single cause: better health. Success is much easier when you have your friends and colleague by your side. Lead your team by example.​
LISTENER One of the best things you can do is to listen to your team members. By listening to their needs, you will be able to help them make change in a way that is best for them. Help empower your team members to make healthy choices by validating their needs, their ideas, and their commitment to better health.

​​"We rearranged the office furniture ourselves this morning to work up a sweat, instead of calling maintenance."Employee/Team CaptainEureka Times Standard,Eureka, CA​Fruit and Vegetable First Team Meeting Sample Agenda (PDF 818KB)Physical Activity First Team Meeting Sample Agenda (PDF 816KB)Fruit and Vegetable Weekly Team Huddles & Bright Ideas (PDF 173KB)Physical Activity Weekly Team Huddles & Bright Ideas​ (PDF 184KB)Complete Program​All Worksite Materials   (​ZIP 23MB)Adobe PDF ReaderGet Acrobat Reader​