Program Coordinators and Planning Committee​

The Program Coordinator and the Planning Committee are the backbone of Take Action!. Your commitment to and enthusiasm for employee health will become a vehicle for empowering employees to take control of their health!

Review this concise summary of the Take Action! worksite employee wellness program.​

Utilize the Program Planning Calendars with your Planning Committee or Wellness Team Members as tools to develop a comprehensive plan for all program activities. Or use them to inform Senior Management about Take Action! activities.

Senior Management support of Take Action! is an essential pillar of success in building a sustainable worksite employee wellness program. Management support sends a positive message to employees that their health is a top priority and critical to the success of the company.

Recruiting staff volunteers is an important element for building a sustainable worksite employee wellness program.

Check for Health is an easy-to-use tool to assess your worksite environment and demonstrate a commitment to your employees' health.

There are different versions of the Participant and Team Captain tracking sheets for you to choose from based on characteristics of your worksite.

The Kick Off event is a fun event that motivates people to participate inTake Action!.

Providing health-related incentives during Take Action!, such as prizes or events, can provide additional motivation to help everyone succeed!

Group activities and workshops are a fun way to motivate your participants while encouraging them to eat healthy and be physically active.

Evaluation is the final, and often overlooked phase of Take Action!. The only way you can show improvements from year-to-year is to evaluate the program. Don't skimp on this part of the program, it really is very important.

The purpose of celebrating the close of Take Action! is to reward everyone who participated, recognize the Team Captains, and encourage people to continue their healthy eating and physical activity practices.

"We are making lifestyle changes for our employees; I don't want anyone to think this is a temporary fix."
Guest Relations Manager/ Program Coordinator,
Holiday Inn Civic Center,
San Francisco, CA​​

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Program Coordinators 
can pull together Team Captain Packets in advance of a Planning Committee Meeting.
Team Captain Packets consist of Being a Good Team Captain, Team Huddles/Bright Ideas, First Team Meeting, and Advanced Team Tracking Sheet handouts.​