​Review this concise summary of the Take Action! worksite employee wellness program.​​

Utilize the Program Planning Calendars with your Planning Committee or Wellness Team Members as tools to develop a comprehensive plan for all program activities. Or use them to inform Senior Management about Take Action! activities.​

Find out who else is taking action. Here is a listing of California worksites currently engaged in Take Action! and other California Fit Business Kitworksite wellness tools.

​Does your business have vending machines, stairwells, a walking area, a cafeteria, an employee break room, or staff meetings? If so, you need to check out all the California Fit Business Kit tools that can help you add to your worksite wellness program.​

"I am ​encouraged with the results and feedback so far... it has success written all over it!"
Health Promotion Coordinator,
Sierra Pacific Industries
Oroville, CA​​​